What if we both like eachother, but my friend likes her too?

So I've recently started university and have gained 2 friends that I am close to, 1 male 1 female. However I feel as if my male friend has similar feelings as I do towards the female. Yet I am still unaware of the situation between myself and the female.

We will often have movie nights with the three of us. But sometimes it will be just me and the female and she will tell me not to tell my male friend as she has told him she's going to bed. We joke a lot and she refers to me as her most trusted person at the university.

She's never had a kiss before, never mind a boyfriend, and she shares secrets that she doesn't even tell her best friends from back home.

Myself, I've had two serious relationships before, however neither ended on good terms. I'm just afraid to be hurt by someone that is my best friend and girlfriend again.

Also the three of us are thinking of moving in together next year for our second year at university.

I'm not sure what to do?

Sorry, I forgot to mention, I also feel like me and this male friend are only friends because of the female. We are just too un-alike.
Thanks guys


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  • Make your move, don't waste time.


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  • Just saying dating a roommate can be very good, but if you break up it can be veryyyy awkward.

  • It's called a threesome bud. It's good fun