I'm single. I have tried dating and no luck and also my friends have tried to get me with people. Still single?

Is there anything I'm doing wrong or is this normal for a guy like me. me. I'm 19 and play video games, read books, hang out, and do clean my house and car and fix my own things but I don't understand I see people dating getting married and I do talk and try dating but I don't get anywhere I find people go on a date and then I feel like they only talk about the people are talking to about the book or games I see that they show they like it but then I don't feel like I'm going on date but just hanging out with them and not really moving anything. Am I doing anything wrong.


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  • focus on your career first then flock of chicks will follow you everywhere! lol


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  • Stop trying so hard. It happens to the best of us. Stop looking for someone to date. When you stop looking and least expect it someone will just appear out of the blue one day. Give it time


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