how to get your crush to like you?

hi i am in 7th grade and i like this boy and i told him that i like him. one day we were talking and he asked me out via text and i said yes. The next day i asked him if we were boyfriend and girlfriend and he broke up with me, than a week later i found out it was a dare any way we have been talking via text and i said that i know that we don't have much i common but maybe we could go out sometime and he said don't know then i said that we won't know if we would work out unless we tried and again he said don't know. PLEASE HELP ME I ONLY HAVE SIX DAYS BECAIUSE WE ARE GRADUATING FROM PRIMARY SCHOOL AND WE ARE GOING TO HIGH SCHOOL, I REALLY REALLY LIKE HIM.


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  • you can't MAKE somebody like you and don't try you'll look desperate. flirt if he flirts back then if he's felling it hell ask you out.


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  • ok first of all you're in 7th grade this is most likely hormones so you don't really know what you want and second his hormones are even more fucked up than yours. so he really has no idea what he wants. unless your interests line up perfectly it's probably not gonna happen for you two. until you get yor hormones under control I would not consider seriously dating

    • sorry to be blunt but that's just how it is

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    • ok thanks opinion owner
      are you big_man?

    • i like him because he is really cute and he is nice and kind. i know a bit about him cause i have known him for 8yrs and i know his father. we sometimes play truths where you ask the other person a question and the other person answer it truthfly.

  • You can't make someone like you.. it most likely was a prank pulled on you and your still young yet
    give it time the right guy will come along...


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  • He's totally not interested in you