I thought it was going somewhere then he just stopped talking to me. I feel like I wasted time and effort here!?

Will try to make this short. We met almost a year ago at our old place of work. A few months went by and we started working more closely together. We started flirting, I started to like him. Seemed as though it was mutual. I though he would ask me out on his last day but he didn't. My other co workers thought he had a girlfriend so I let that idea go. I got a new job and found out they needed people. My co worker said I should tell him because he was looking. So I did. He asked me to go grab a bite with him. I thought it was just friendly but he got all nervous about it. He wasn't able to pay for both of us and apologized several times. I didn't care. The night was nice but kind of awkward. He's very shy. A few days went by and I asked him to come hang out with me. He took forever to confirm with me that he would come and he finally did the night before. It was nice and he was trying to impress me the whole time. Other guys were flirting with me and he started to get territorial. He kept asking what I was doing the rest of the weekend or later that day. But never set anything up. It took him a little while but he finally asked if if like to go to lunch. We went again it was nice. I really liked him. Then he left in a hurry. We texted later and then later on that week I told him that I had always had a crush on him that I had been confused because I thought he had a girlfriend but I would really like to see him again. He never responded back. I was so confused by this. He really seemed to like me. He would give me these hugs like he never wanted to let me go almost lift me off the ground. We have so much in common and I always felt so comfortable and happy with him. We would make each other laugh. He remembers so many things about me. The way he would look at me like I was the only person in the world for him. I'm so thrown off. That last message I sent was now 3 weeks ago.

This past weekend I sent him an email asking what happened and if he just wasn't interested in Me. I told him I thought we could at least be friends if nothing else. Still haven't heard from him. I know he's struggling to find stable work but it's just weird that he wouldn't say anything after what seemed to be something good starting off.


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  • Well, by what I am reading I would maybe be territorial too in his situation. Did you tell him that your schedule when he asked you if your doing anything? Did you take a while to respond? It's unfortunate an opportunity was missed. Maybe you two can visit each other.

    • I told him I wasn't doing anything just catching up on rest because I had a hard week. Maybe he took that as me not wanting to do anything? I don't know.

      He is a very shy guy so I didn't know if that had anything to do with him going silent on me. I'm used to guys being more aggressive.

    • Maybe he did. Maybe be he respected that you needed rest

    • Most likely not bothering you so you can get rest

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  • Sneaking suspicion from my limited knowledge that you aren't in fact the only woman in his life. He may have shared a connection with you but he was in a relationship already so he backed out as to not cheat.

    • I wondered this as well but some things he was doing made it seem like he was single. Even posts on his Facebook.

    • Well I hope it isn't the case. Even if he is single it's possible that he either has his own doubts in himself or that he still has someone else in his mind, perhaps even an ex gf that he's still not over. The fact he's ignoring you now just sounds like he's trying not to be caught. There's nothing else you can do apart from trying every so often to get in touch. I'm sorry I can't give a magic answer.. I really don't get why people just don't speak the truth.

    • Yeah I don't get that either. I'm a very straightforward person and I don't like when people are all wishy washy. Thanks for your help though! We shall see if I ever get a clear answer from him.

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  • He moved on. You might as well do that too.