My boyfriend of 3 months won't hold my hand?

My boyfriend of 3 months won't hold my hand at school. I have held his hand 3 times in school and I made the move all 3 times. We discussed the topic and he said he doesn't wanna get in trouble by doing so. Yet tons of couples do it and none of them are getting in trouble. It hurts me that he doesn't hold my hand... How do I get him to hold my hand? I'm afraid he is ashamed of me or something.


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  • How old are you... Sounds like he's a bit new to the whole thing

    • I am 15 and yea I'm his first relationship he wasn't really into the whole dating thing til he met me and his family and friends can confirm that.

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  • Give him time, don't force him to do so.
    Its nothing like he is ashamed of you he is just not comfortable at this moment and it happens with some people. So let him take his time and you also don't hold his hand if he is finding it trouble.

  • Tell him that it hurts you. Try to explain that there are no things to worry about. No matter what others will say

    • Thank you I actually did talk to him about it. But then I got thinking it is more special when we are alone ya know?

    • Yes it is. When you're alone it is a special moment, but when you are around people its special moment too. You show people that you are together and your confidence in each other