I met a guy online.. Advice please!!?

I met a guy on a dating site, he's 8 years older than me, which isn't a problem for me. He's been married once and has 2 kids. He's incredibly handsome, and has been very respectful to me. We've swapped photos, we text and have talked on the phone once. We have been chatting for about 2-3 weeks now and we've both mentioned how we'd love to meet. He has such a fantastic sense of humor, i love people who makes me laugh, not to mention we have the same sense of humor, like creepy jokes too soon.. lol. Though the only cons I can think of is he's one) an inch shorter than me 2) he lives in a different state. Now we're only about 4-4.5 hours away from each other... but that's still a good hop and skip. Granted my ex was 1.5hrs from me, at one point 2.5 and we made in 2 years. But I'm nervous about traveling that far to meet someone, I do own a gun and pepper spray lol but I don't think I'd need to use either.. I say id travel bc I've always wanted to go to a certain area of the state he lives in, I live in the middle of nowhere with nothing close by lol. Also, about his humor.. we had just swapped phone numbers close to Thanksgiving and I texted him, i got a reply, then a message from another number asking why I was texted her husband.. and they had 5 kids together... then I got a pic of a woman, a man and him.. saying they were his extended family and had to break me in right.. which I found hilarious after the finding our it was a joke. He said he had no idea until after the message was sent, they said his jaw dropped.. but anyways, he told them about me.. and a buddy at work as well he told me today he showed him a pic I had sent him this morning. Any advise on meeting, and experiences with this? Did it work for you?

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  • first off lady bravo for owning a gun lol
    now on your problem well do you have any friend in that state who can trust, a little recon on the guy won't hurt specially after the thankgiving wife stunt, it rings a few odd bells and i would hate to see someone get hurt
    but if you are sure it was just a joke then i suppose there is no harm in inviting him to your city, its gonna be your turf so u can easily him access him

    • Yeah it was defn a joke, he did apologize though. And i know a few people in the state. I've never done the online dating thing, and most of the people creep me out, but he seems normal, whatever that is, to me. We're Facebook friends as well, and I've seen no evidence of a wife or girlfriend. And yeah, my dad taught me how to use a gun at an early age, to hunt, and protect myself if need be.

    • well then load your gun, holster and head down to him
      at worse ull be down a few bullets at best ull have a guy who you call years

    • You're right lol! Thanks for your help:)

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  • That isn't TOO far, really. I like long distance relationships, especially ones that start online - because I like to know the girl as much as I can before I see her. I think you have a good shot at a real relationship. I am jealous of him... you seem like such a sweet and descent girl.

    Good luck, Honey. :)

    • I've never dated online, so it's new to me. And I'm with you, I don't think it's TOO far, but with the every day demands of life, if things were to go somewhere, seeing each other a decent amount would be difficult. I've yet to find a man who doesn't need every minute of my undivided, or divided attention, which is not my thing, I enjoy me time a lot.

    • You can always Skype and stuff. As pretty as you are, you should let him see you as much as possible. And you can always talk on the phone while doing stuff around the house, etc. I love listen to my girls talk and tell me their thoughts and views. That's just about the best thing about having a girl... discovering who you are and hearing you being part of your own world. The is plenty of chances for you to make it, Honey. Good luck.

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  • meet him and yes wasting time

    • Why meet him if I'm wasting my time though?

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