What do you talk about to your crush when meeting at lunch?

I have a crush on this guy I know and I have no idea on what to talk to him about. I'm kinda shy and I don't know what to first talk to him about when having first conversation. So I wanted to know what are some things to talk to a guy when you meet up with him for lunch? I wanted to know what the first conversation should be about since I'm getting to know him? I also wanted to know how to meet the conversation interesting?


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  • Start with open ended questions. Avoid questions that can be replied with a simple yes and no. Don't ask too many questions or it will sound like a test. Don't talk about yourself all day long, he might get bored. How are you. Reintroduce yourself, or maybe hey wanna grab some grub. Compliment each other, or maybe just act like yourself. Maybe by a goofball and be cute. Or maybe drag him to interesting new places. Ahh the possibilities are endless


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