When does a girl become a player/man-eater?

When do you all think a girl is not casualy talking to other guys but instead being a man-eater... when she is texting more than a few guys, 5 guys,10 guys, etc? Or does numbers not matter it just matters on how physical you get?

Can a woman emotionally play a guy by making him feel she is interested in him/likes him and in reality she is talking to other men saying the same thing?


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  • 5+ guys, probably near 10. I knew a female player once, had a new boyfriend every month and kept telling me she thought he was the one. I fell for her in the beginning because it's as you questioned, she played me by making me feel that she liked me. However, I'm pretty sure she did like me but also liked tons of other guys too. I stopped falling for her later and we were still pretty close, we kept a flirty vibe without falling for each other.

    • Oh wow!

      What about if she does not date them (like boyfriend and girlfriend) Maybe goes on a few dates with them (max) but that is it? Would going on 2-3 dates a week with different guys warrant someone as a man-eater? Especially if most of them end up being positive experiences where the male tries/wants to continue? What about 1 date a week?

      Does it become more of an issue if she says things like, "you are so special! I normally don't say these things but, x, y, z compliments?"

      Sorry - I just have a friend who says she is casually dating (no harm) and just trying to find a guy she matches up with, but at the same time she is talking with 18+ guys at the moment. Granted, she has not been on a date with all of them yet, (maybe 3-5 of them) so I imagine if she does not enjoy the date she will stop. I get not having all your eggs in one basket/guy (especially with online dating) but it just seems high to me. She says she will drop the other ones once she ends up liking one of

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    • Yeah she definitely does that. I believe they are genuine compliments but I think she tells them how 'they are special' or she touches them a lot, hand graze, playful push, etc. etc.

      Slutty? Even if she does not sleep with them/do anything physical?

      I think you are right about what her intentions are. If she is up front with them and lets them know she is just interested in meeting new people/casually dating others until she feels a close enough connection it is not weird. But I feel like if she plays it off like she has a more deep connection with a guy than she actually does and makes it seem like she is only talking to them... it is misleading.

      She also told me she would be upset if she found out the guy was going on dates/talking to other women besides herself... do you think that is a double standard?

      Sorry for all the questions - I am just trying to understand her better.

    • I'd say she's a player. Loves being the center of attention, loves having guys lined up for her but can't take it when a guy is doing the same thing to her. That is a pretty significant double standard and pretty selfish too

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  • 10+ easy otherwise if your young and single then why not


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