Ways to ask a girl to be your valentine?

Any cute or sweet ways to ask a girl to be your valentine? I plan on asking the girl of my dreams to be my valentine next year , I want to make it sweet/cute and simple. And bare in mind that the day before valentine , me and her have school (we're in the same class) , and our lessons ends at 5pm. I hope this give you an idea of my situation if i were to ask a her.

PS. I would appreciate if anyone could answer my previous question. Thanks :)


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  • go der nd kiss her, den declare, 'u r my valentine'. believe me, works most of the times.! ^_-

    • Hmm , i dont know man , i have never kiss a girl before (other than my mom) , besides she might freak out and hate me for that

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    • Singaporean.

    • Dude, go for it. If she's giving any kind of signs, dont wait for the Valentine's.. (moreover, this advice i m giving u right now, was given to me by a girl of ur nationality.. mall world huh!)

  • roses are red violets are i have 5 finger and the 3rd one for u.