Taking a introverted girlfriend with me to parties. Guys an Girls please help!!!

So my girlfriend is an introvert. And struggles to mingle. So she gets mad when i'm away talking with my friends for a decent time. Especially if there's none of her friends.
I've tried not to take her with (when I know there will be no friends for her) - but she always wants to go with.

Girls - how do I handle the situation.
Guys - same question - how do you handle the situation.
Both - is this ever going to beciome easier.

ps. we are in a very happy relationship apart from this.


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  • Do NOT leave her hanging especially if its the first time taking her to a party. She's afraid of standing around like an idiot alone and feeling awkward. You're there to make sure it doesn't happen. Introduce her to your friends, talk in a group so she feels involved. She'll most likely still be really quiet in a group setting so whenever a chance comes up, always ask for her opinion, what she thinks of the subject at hand.

    • Thank you! I think I sometimes get annoyed but the fact that she can't mingle on her own. But when it's with her friends it's a different girl. Good point

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  • It's difficult, especially because she's female and girls tend to be quite cliquey at parties and therefore not so inclusive. Probably the best way is resolving the essential problem (her not having people to hang with) is just asking her friends to come along, making it more of a group meetup. Or if your friends have girlfriends they could bring and they could kind of keep each other company (that's if they get along). But really it's a bit more work to organize. Trying to include her in the conversation with you and the guys could also work also. But there's also nothing wrong with having a "guys night out" kind of thing, where it's a boys only gathering. Just make sure to text her throughout the night, so she knows you're thinking of her. Sometimes girls can be a bit overprotective of their boyfriends at parties, it's not that she thinks you're going to cheat... it's just drunk girls are drunk girls and they're kinds handsy.
    It will definitely become easier over time, hopefully you will have come up with a compromise or something where she goes with you when she's got someone else to hang with or knows people there? And maybe do something with just the two of you (quality time) in the next few days?
    Just remember that being introverted isn't really a choice, and all she really wants is to spend more time with you, doing stuff together as a couple.

    • Actually the best answer! Thank you. It feels strange that a girl is so attached and wants to be with me 24/7. I know we have been together for a long time - but it still hits me when we go out sometimes. I'm just pleased to hear that it is normal. So "quality time" will make a guys night acceptable? She also wants me to text her constantly when I'm out alone.

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    • I did mean quality time spoil with quality time hehe

    • Lol, cool:)

  • Hang with her as much as possible dude.
    You gotta go the the bathroom, take her with you. :)
    I'm just like her, trust me.

    • Please give me some tips to make her more part of the conversation? Especially if we go out alone and find good friends of mine that I have not seen for long time.

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    • Opinion Owner - thank your very nice ideas that I like especially the last one ;).

  • Well start talking to people then somehow get her involved in the conversion. It's best when the person you're talking and your girlfriend has something in common then you can get the conversation going between them. When you feel as though the conversion is flowing between them then you can go off and do your own thing. Try and get her in to conversations whenever you can. Soon she will start to feel comfortable talking with others.

    • Thank you for your opinion - helps alot!

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  • I don't think it's too much to ask to stick by her side and make sure she's comfortable with both the people she's around and the conversation you're all having. Dudes end up leaving their girl and cavorting with their buddies, bad form and a good way to blow it.

    • Easy way to make her more part and comfortable with the conversation?

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    • Also stick up for her if necessary, it's important you're on her side. If someone cuts her off in mid sentence you've got to be all over that as well.

    • Thanks dude it all makes sense. It's nice to hear it's me that can make the situation better.

  • if she insists bring her along. simply XD

    • Just go with the flow

  • ok... dude.. now you first have to ask her why she get mad when you are with your friends? and then you can only tell her to be open minded or.. introduce her to your friends, so that she does not feel alone...

    • How do you tell your girl to be more open minded without her feeling bad about herself?

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    • Thanks dude

    • no problem... :D

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