Needing some advice here :)?

Hello there, im in a really difficult situation at the moment with a girl.

Now we met around a month ago and hit it off instantly, she lives around 100 miles away from where i live but met at a party and got on like an house on fire.

Now as things progressed a bit we have been talking lots everyday and have so much in common and weve met up a few times.

I went to see her last weekend and stopped at hers, but the night before i went down she text and said she is going travelling/working abroad next year which is a bummer but we still had an amazing weekend and we were kinda like a couple.

We had some talks though saying we can't get too attached to each other etc etc.

We have still been talking everyday and weve planned another visit in two weeks, and she's telling me she can't wait to see me an stuffs.

Noticed some different vibes from her past day or so and not been talking as much and she text me today saying she is a bit overwhelmed by everythin atm and she will talk to me later on.

I really like this girl and i know im going to end up hurting myself but can't stop thinkin about her really and how well we actually click, she's said the same herself.

Now I've backed off a bit as im not a pushy type of person so textin her or trying to talk only make it worse.

But what do you guys suggest i do on this matter, such a weird situation as never been in this myself so wondered if any of you had been in a similar situation and what was the outcome?

Thanks in advance for any advice given :)


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  • "i know im going to end up hurting myself" - This should be reason enough for you to keep your distance from her. Let me be frank, no girl in the world is worth getting yourself hurt over, especially when you know its going to be in vain.

    • I hear u there mate definitely, but its hard specially when u get on so great with someone, probs more than most girls I've ever been with...

      Only seen her 3 times and two of those times drunk lol, we both jus really comfortable with each other, just a shit situation as one day she's all can't wait to see me etc next day she's distancing herself.

      I know where i stand though i suppose she's made that fully clear

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    • No, it wasn't really 'wrong' to ask her about new year's eve. You didn't ask her to sleep with you or anything like that (unless you already did that, I don't know). Anyway, you did nothing wrong here. You need to stop blaming yourself.

    • Thanks man, just thought could be being a little pushy thats all, lol no i didn't do that, that just happened by itself :)

      I just feel sometimes i can be a little too heavy on which may have caused this but she has been the same as me to be honest, i just kind of think she feels she hasn't got along with someone so well in a while too and like u say is scared of getting hurt :/ with her saying everything is overwhelming her she didn't say what was overwhelming her but like i say can defo feel different vibes

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  • I say give her a day or so, then call her up and ask her what's on her mind.

    • Not too sure to do that really as definitely dont want to push her and i know she hates being pushed as she has told me this...

      I just gotta ride it out and wait for her to contact me now, jus got a sneaky feeling she might cancel our plans in couple of weeks now :/

  • Ouch. Why exactly is she moving abroad? Is it for good schools or family?

    Basically my advice is to either go with her or ask her to stay.

    if you were me, I'd wish her the best of luck and try to find someone else.

    • She said its something thats been on her mind for a while and its something she needs to do...

      Sucks really find someone u really like and they are off lol, just my luck really.

      I can't ask her to stay cos such a good oppurtunity, she says we can still be ace mates but now i can tell she's really distancing herself from me... spose i knew this was coming really mehh