I wanna know whats in his mind.. that he couldnt decide what he wants?

So i knew this guy since jan 2014 .. we've veen together till end of nov 2014.. which is close to a year... but sadly im not with him anymore.. thats sad.. so when the first time i know him.. we talked about our past exes.. so i got to find out that he dated with someone for 4 years. But in the end , the girl left him dumped him and go with hsi own friend... so he was heartbroken and angry at her... and then he was single not in dating or in r/s for 1 year... that is 2013.. so 2014 jan he met me.. and few months knowing him , we went out together spend time together almost every week.. we miss each other. He really treat me good.. but the sad part was , one day that ia on nov recently , he told me that he need to stop being with me.. cua he feel like his an emotionless douchebag that he couldnt have FEELINGS FOR ME TILL NOW... SO HE doesn't WANT TO HURT ME OR MAKE ME WAIT LONGER... CUS HE KNOWS I LIKW HIM ALOTT.. HE SAID HE COULNT OPEN UP FOR ME EVENTHO HE TRIED HIS BEST... so i just wanna why he cnt open up for me or have feelings for me... he just can't open up... why? Is it because he scared of falling inlove again.. or his not ready to commit? Help


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  • Seems like he's over thinking it a bit. I'm not sure why he can't open up to you, it could be pain from his ex still though... Even if it has been a long time.

    I would ask him why he thinks he can't open up to you and why he thinks it will be easier with anyone else. He may be thinking it's bad for you, but you sound like you love the guy and have the patience to wait for him no matter what. If you can explain to him that you don't mind his problem, that you want to help and don't want to lose him perhaps he will change his mind.

    • I did told him i could wait for him... give him time.. but he doesn't want to hurt me any longer you see... he said the longer it is the harder it takes.. im still wondering why.. im just sad..

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    • I agree with what you're saying. His at the losing end.. he just let go a girl who really have feelinga for him and be able to wait for him. But doesn't matter.. ill be alright.. i juat have to go through everythingg..

    • Yes, that's not easy to come by too. I should know. Don't worry though, you'll find someone who appreciates you and wouldn't dream of leaving you.

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