Was he asking me on a date? And does he like me?

So I was texting this guy I like and I told him my dad was gonna take me to mockingjay this weekend (a movie we both want to see) and he said "aren't you gonna bring me" and I was really confused as to if he was serious or not. So I went with a generic "sorry I would but my dad wants father-daughter time" and he was like "ok fine maybe another time" and I think he likes me but ya know I don't know... He texts me all the time and teases me and compliments me. So does he like me? Please help :)

We also have 5 classes together and he teases me playfully and helps me when I need help. He also asked me to stay after school with him and help him with a project but my coach wouldn't let me miss practice :( so I had to say no. Is that bad?


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  • I can't be completely sure, but there is a high possibility of him liking you. You need to be a little careful and look for more signals from him to be sure.
    There's a teeny tiny possibility that he is just too casual and friendly with you. You should talk directly with him face to face, or at least on phone. Text chatting is too non-personal and a sure shot way to create misunderstanding. No one can be sure of his intentions only from text messages.
    Is any one of you an introverted person? If yes, then I can understand why you guys avoid talking directly.

    • Thank you this is a great answer! And we have 5 out of 6 classes together and in English he always takes my phone when I'm not looking and takes a bunch if selfies on it... He also teases me in class (but not in a mean way) and helps me with stuff if I need help. I guess I am a little introverted and I overthink everything. But yea we do talk in person too. So sorry hit do you think he likes me still or nah?

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    • Don't be sorry for asking your heart out! I have asked so many questions myself, that's what this forum is for.
      Again, I am sure he thinks of you as a gf material. Right now, your friendship is kinda special for him and he doesn't wanna spoil it by going too fast. You just need to be a little patient, you will get there in near future!

    • Haha ok thanks so much!

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  • I vote yes! Guys usually tease girls they like. You should text him sometime and Yoask him if he's up to see a movie with you.

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