Is my girlfriend playing games with me?

If she's playing games with me I think I'm gojng to just honwstly dump her. She's younger than me 18 years old. We've known each other two years now. I used to treat her like I didn't care I guess. She's told me I've hurt her before. she's also made it clear that she thought i was too good for her in the past. We couldn't see each other for a year because of her parents but both confessed our feelings when we ran into each other. Been seen each other every month sneaking around and she had the talk with me asking what are we. So now we are exclusive. We plan to move in together once I get my career established in a couple months.

She has been recently telling me about other guys hitting on her a lot. She has tried to make me jealous in the past. before and I never played into it. I figured she stoll. might think I don't care so I brought up the topic and said if that guy starts annoying you I'll take care of it for you.

She will have a witty conversation with me told me just keeping you on your toes like she's running game on me.. pretty sure she's going to start texting me less and less too.

We had this conversation that sje wanted like this 120 dress and Im like you better find a sugar daddy for that. And she kept saying ok if you so.. now that I have your pemission etc.

What the fawkk i'm about to shack up with this girl?


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  • I find it funny. Seems to me like she's on par with playing the game with you. Especacially the 'You better find a sugar daddy for that... ok if you say so, no that i have your permission''. I think she's just being witty. But girls that age are up and down. Some will rush in relationships then end it within the few weeks. I've decided to stop chasing younger girls, they do my head in.


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  • You decide if you like her... I think you were the wrong one. She wanted you to care about the other guys and you just said "take care of it for you"... that's not what she needed to hear... girls only play games when they feel they have to.

    • How old are you? Just out of curiosity

    • Why the fuck does it matters? Ahah I'm 16, but I was trying to help man! You probably didn't like the answear, but one thing I learned in the few years I lived: the mistakes a person do won't change who they are, but what they know about what's arround. This means I didn't judge you at all (who am I to judge a person I don't even know), I judged your action, you don't even need to feel bad about it because I'm possibly wrong... you know what you did and you decide if you've done it right, I've said my opinion, but I'm only a 16 yo kid who likes to talk about grown people stuff and learn something (!). Sorry for any mistake, English is not my natural language.
      Good luck with her

    • I don't know man I'm not bashing you.. my mindset at 16 was to treat a girl like a princess and she'll keep comi bf back to you for more.. learned the hard way that it doesn't work like that.

  • She is an attention freak man. Under 18 or teenage girls are generally like that. Very moody.
    But i really don't see any serious proproblem between both of you.
    I can clearly see the miscommunication and misunderstanding.

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