Where do I take things from here with this girl?

Long story short, this girl I've been talking to for 4 months has been "too busy" to see me for a few weeks now. When we were talking last week, she sort of told me she doesn't have feelings for me. For more details, here's the question I asked last week: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1236903-help-me-decide-the-fate-of-my-relationship

Anyway, contrary to the poll votes on that question, I did end up contacting her again. After 5 days of silence, I sent a quick good morning text today, and then said I hope everything is going alright for her. She immediately responded with "Thanks for this :) I really needed it :)"

We're back to our normal conversations now, it's like that conversation from last week never happened. So where do I take things from here? I still really like her and want to ask her out, but I think I'm just gonna play it cool and not mention anything about us hanging out, at least until her finals are over.


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  • Just keep talking


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