How to get to know I guy who seems mysterious?

This guy I like has a wonderful talent in gaining information from me, leaving me lacking information on him. Whenever we talk, he finds a way to turn the conversation around on me. He always wants to know what I'm thinking. I want to turn the table around. Help?

Details (him):
-- in the National Guard
-- age 20
-- confident
-- maybe has a dark side?
-- I feel I can trust him
-- Observant
-- Intelligent
-- Hard working


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  • Oohhh! He's good. The number one rule of making people like you is to get them to talk about themselves and genuinely listen.

    He's a keeper.

    And to answer your question, tell him "enogh about me! Let's talk about what you think about me." You know what I mean.

  • read psychology
    he seems trained by pros so ull have to hack your brain to get past his training


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