Am I asking too much? Old school girl?

So, this is what's going on.

If I date someone I like them to treat me the best way possible but even tho I don't think is too much. For example, I would not accept someone yelling at me, being rude, not being polite.

If we are "fighting" I know our tone of voice will increase. That's off the topic.

I do not expect someone to buy me gifts or spend money on me. But I would like the guy I date to be a gentleman.

Am I and old school person because I would like him to open my door, at least if you are near me?

A friend told me that I was keep single for at least 4 years (more) I have been single for that time but my ex was a good guy but still from that relationship I learn about what I can and I can't accept, what I deserve.

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  • I would follow the golden rule in dating and relationships. If you expect him to be a gentleman, you would have to be a lady as well and that also includes being easy to please, not demanding and not controlling. A lad y would never have an all or nothing attitude toward men, she'd be open minded and flexible and worth all that effort to win over and to sweep her off her feet in a sense of fleeting romance. So no you're not asking to much unless you are not bringing as much to the table as a man. Hope this helps. :)


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  • Lol no i would think its weird if you dont expect a man to do that for you
    a woman has to be treated with respect

  • Maybe you should focus on what utility you offer to someone else, instead of only thinking about what they offer you.


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