Reading into it too much?

So I've been seeing this girl over the past few weeks, we hit it off great, on the third date we ended up at my place and hooked up. We set up another date later on for this weekend, actually tomorrow. We were texting today and I asked what time we should do dinner this was the dialogue

Her: Well I get off at 7 but maybe earlier, and it'll take me like 30 mins to get there so I'm not 100% sure

Me:Ok no problem let's do 8:30?

Her: Works for me!

Me: Great! Well I can't wait! :D

Her: I can't wait either! :D

Here's something else, she took down her profile last week, then put it back up the day after we had sex? But she's been texting me everyday and sending goodnight texts with kissing emojis and good morning texts with the same.

I'm just nervous cuz when a girl doesn't commit to a time they've canceled on me before and plus I guess my confidence got shaken a bit after she put up her profile the next day after hooking up... thoughts? will she cancel?



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  • Seems like she likes you


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