Why he be doing this? Guys help?

He's like my best guy friend but yet he rather us sit alone and talk and he loves to tickle my sides and grab my hand.. and I told time after time i only want him to be my best guy friend nothing more nothing less... I have a bad gut feeling.. everyone sees me and him together a lot and say are you two dating and i am like no!! leave us alone! please? and they are like dont have to be a bitch about everything, and i am not. i try to make it clear. but everyone is telling me how i am with him.. help


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  • oooooo well that guy might like u more than just good friends... damn... and no dont yell like that to people lol

    • but i dont like him like that and why can't i?

    • Ok hard thing to do but... ask him if he likes you more than just a good friend... if he says yes just lay the rules out for him... And if u yell like that people are gonna think ur crazy lol becoz its not that a big matter tbh :) they are just asking if ur dating u can be polite and say no hehe :)

    • thanks for MHO ;)

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