Girlfriend telling me about other guys hitting on her?

Dude she's told me like 14 different instances I get plenty of girls that will give me attention but I keep it to myself. She brought it up so much that j just said if thsee guys are annoying you I'll handle it for you. She recently said she feels like she's doing all the work or making an effort said I blow her off sometimes. Didn't even realize I was. Wtf shold I do just call her out? We are long distance right now so we don't see each other too much if that makes a different.

Feel too old to be playing games. She had tried to make me jealous before we were actually dating.

She doesn't text or initiate contact to much either..


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  • Okay, the dirty truth about MY relationship is that I tell my boyfriend that guys are hitting on me when I don't feel loved by him. I know that's horrible. But it's true. I tell him in hopes that it will make him care again, or even just to test if he cares enough to get jealous. It's to remind him that he shouldn't take advantage of what we have. Now, my relationship is a bit disfunctional, but it might give you insight into what she's thinking.

    • Should I just call her out lol I'm not giving her anymore right now I don't get in no that lovey dovey stuff and neither does she at least she says.

    • She wants the lovey dovey stuff. I promise. Just tell her you love her more, and ask her to send you pictures and then tell her how beautiful she is. Stuff like that. She may say she doesn't like that, but that's what she wants.

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  • She's definitely just trying to get your attention, particularly if she feels (justifiably or not) that she's doing all the leg-work.

    Be honest with her, if you didn't realise she was feeling like she's making all the effort, tell her - and apologise if you feel it.

    Also, if her bragging about guys hitting on her is annoying you, tell her nicely that it's making you uncomfortable. Girls often (not always!) respond better when guys show a little bit of vulnerability - if she knows she's upsetting you, she might lay off it a bit. Good luck!

  • Tell her you get hit on all the time as well and if she plays games you will break up with her.

    • That's just making her want to play the game more. I'm not going to escalate it. Why do you think she's doing this?

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    • She thinks I'm not giving her enough? I feel that's disrespectfully if she does it for no reason at all for just extra attention? She feel like she's not good enough or something?

    • I can't say any more because I don't know her or you.

  • I am a serial dater who HATES all forms of emotional blackmail
    and ANY unnecessary drama.

    I simply smile, send my usual one sentence goodbye email and
    move forward.

  • It's normal for girls to tell boyfriend that guys are hitting on her, but what she does I suggest maybe call her out on it. If she keeps it up probably best to end it.


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    She enjoys drama get out before you waste more time, my ex did this crap all the time leaving her was the best decision ever, we were long distance too. I always keep things like that to myself cause i didn't want her to worry or get upset and here she was blabbering about some guys hitting on her fuck that