Is he falling for me?

I met this guy recently and at first I just thought he was like most of the other guys that I've dated however now I starting to realise he's different in a good way. I have a feeling he could be falling for me but I'm not 100% sure. I've finally agreed to go out with him after a long time of him chasing and when we speak over text he always says that he's thinking about me and that I make him smile and that he wants to make me happy. He also says that he's very smitten for me and that sometimes I make his heart skip a beat. He realises I've been hurt before and he says he has no intention of doing that and he really really likes me. He always says I'm beautiful even when we snapchat and I look like a disaster. He's also planned a very thoughtful and romantic date for us which I've never had a guy do for me before. He also says things like I could get away with anything around him and other stuff like that. Are these some of the signs that he could be falling for me or is it more that he just really likes me?


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  • Sounds like he likes you.