What should I do to deal with guy who is ignoring me not out of lack of interest but because he is so angry at me he is feigning lack of interest?

This guy I fell in love with years ago, but who I rejected because he was together with someone else at the time, decided to date me again. However, he decided to the payback which was him asking me out, me saying yes and then him not arranging the dates and then using crap excuses that he is "busy" when I am not even asking for an excuse.

The thing that baffles me is that someone can hate me this much to do this.

Is he crazy or is this normal male behaviour.

by the way he decided not to do a work where he could get good money for Christmas just to make a point that he absolutely hates me and wants me to suffer.


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  • This very same thing happened to me. We were friends, he fingered me in my sleep, I dumped him as a friend, then started liking him like 6 months later. We became friends again & he liked me, but after that it felt like he was always paying me back for dumping him. I stayed "friends/dating" with him for years & he kind of just strung me along the whole rest of the time. I wasted years of my life on him, cut myself, & nearly killed myself over his sorry butt. I'm just thankful that I finally smartened up & started dating an amazing guy who would never be such an evil person. I know now. If they feel the need to "pay you back" they don't truly love you.


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  • No, this is not normal behaviour. He is an idiot and an emotionally immature child. You are far better off without this tool in your life.


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