Hey guys and girls do you think it's appropriate for boyfriends mother to be grabbing his butt in front of girlfriend?

So my boyfriends mother thinks it is OK to grab his butt in front of me and says it's perfectly normal but the thing is she never done it until recent.

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He's use to her doing it but she stopped for long time. I jokingly grab his butt but when she does it it puts a sour taste in my mouth


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  • If she was laughing or joking, it is of no importance. If it was a PDA, I'd think she sees him as a son. Does she have sons?
    When I was young at the office (only 25) , an older woman and two women my age grabbed my butt too, jokingly. I just laughed: All three were happily married (back then, because one filed for divorce years later), I was recently married. Some people are just more touchy than others.


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  • It depends how she grabs
    My mom will smack me on the but sometimes if i did a good job on something or if i am taking to long to do something. It's not sexual at all.

    But if its an intense grab i would be a little weirded out!

  • I think its weird. Thje fact that his girlfriend is there makes no difference.


What Girls Said 3

  • Depends on How... if its sexual or not. I Dont think it matters if its in front of you or not.

  • If it's something she normally does with him its fine I guess

  • Eh, I don't consider it normal at all. The mere thought of it is kind of sickening.

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