Do you think there is any chance this girl would agree to a group hang out date during holiday break?

I meet her during the summer and know her and her gf's are going to be around during the Christmas break. there actually away at college rate now and are a bit younger only early 20's , than me I realise. however we already meet and hung out a few times this summer already at a local nightclub and seemed to have a good time but haven't really heard from her since as she's been away. but thinking of trying to message her or one of her gf's and seeing if they want to hang out as a group with me maybe at a local restaurant or sportsbar. the nightclub we first meet at is only open for summer so not an option. but honestly not sure if she'll go for the idea? it wouldn't be an actual date more hang out as a group type thing and if it went well try and she her again at another spot maybe


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  • Yeah do it. It's no big deal. It's a group hangout so it's low pressure

    • I know it seems a lot less pressure than nightclub thing that we already did together this summer , just never really invited her out before , was more we ran into each other in past. and how do I address the time gap? since we last saw each other

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