Nice guy but lost interest?

I met this guy online. He's seven years older than me. Very decent guy, very nice too.

We went out three times. He taboo care of all the bills. But he was away for more than two weeks between our 2nd and 3rd dates. When he got back, he contacted me immediately and asked me out again for a 3rd date. He gave me a little present he brought back from his trip and walked me back home after dinner although he was very tired.

We didn't hold hands or kiss or have much touching at all. He seems to be a very nice and responsible guy.

The thing is I don't know whether I like him or not. I mean apart from meeting, we only email from time to time to keep in touch. And these online contacts were usually initiated by me. I don't blame him because he doesn't use a smartphone and he's quite busy with work. It's just he's traveling a lot and things are going really slow. I began to lose interest in the guy. I'm not sure whether he feels the same...


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  • 3rd date and he still didn't even touch you? Please tell me he at least poked you once...

    • No... That's why I feel so strange...

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    • Very friendly hugs when saying good night only...
      I am the shy one actually. I am always the one to be pushed rather than push the other side...

    • friendly hugs? what like a pat on the back? Or you can try when you both hug hold it for awhile, then move it further by looking up at him. Dont know whats wrong with this guy lol

  • Talk to him about it. Its not game breaking enough to worry about, its a concern


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