Do things usually change after dating a year and living together most the relationship?

Do things change after dating for a year? Things seemed to change since our one year anniversary which was in August. I moved in with him shortly after dating as he is the one who asked me too. We fight like married couples sometimes. He can be a jerk but it is just how he is because his dad and brother are the same. He says he wants to be with me forever. But j think he told his ex that as well. He broke up with her because she cheated on him and he wasn't in love with her anymore. He has talked shit about me to his friends saying I smell n stuff. In the beginning of our relationship he said he did it so tht if I break up with him no one will want to be with me. Which is not true. Guys hit on me in front of him when we are out. We live in a small town so we both know almost everyone. I thinj he may be insecure but just won't come out and tell me. Do u think he still loves me? And actually means he wants to be with me forever?

Anyone else have advice?


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  • The real question is, do u really wanna be with him for Ever?


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