I'm extremely shy around my new boyfriend... what should I do?

My crush just asked me out the other day and now were dating. One problem- I am very shy around him. I am WAY too shy to start a conversation and he won't start one because he too is shy. I want to start texting him but I haven't got his number yet and I am afraid that it'll be awkward if I ask him. Any suggestions on how I can overcome my shyness or get him to text me without me asking? Thanks for all your help. :)


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  • The key is in the details. If He starts talking about something, you go into more depth. Even if it's as banal as "what's your favourite movie" you can respond with "blahblah" But you know what a better question is? What's your favourite type of movie? Then you ask them to explain what they mean by that, why they like those movies, is it the actors they like... and so forth. It gets easier with practice, but it doesn't make it any less terrifying :)

    • thanks that really helped

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  • Better crack open that shell. I jet out of awkward relationships quickly. I get it's hard but your mission is to get both of you talking freely and comfortably with each other or this ship will sink.


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