My girlfriend's best friend likes her and she used to like him before in the past, What should I do?

Long story short, My girlfriend and have been together for almost 2 years, she's amazing and I love her very much.

The story went like this, we were all friends and knew each other but they were more friends than me and him. She helped him through his tough moments and they were best friends. Me and her are dating and i just found out they used to have some feelings for each other, He still currently does and she doesn't anymore, He also knows about us and plans to wait for her.

I want to believe her that she doesn't have feelings and I do believe that but I don't feel comfortable with him being around, I feel bad thinking about not being friends anymore, What would you do in my shoes?


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  • She says she doesn't have feeling for him, so your choice is to trust in her and not to worry about him or make an issue about it and forbid her from seeing him (don't recommend the latter) if you trust her show her by being ok with her being friends with him and not alienating her.