I'm confused... Does he like me?

So there's this guy that I like and I'm trying to see if he likes me back. So here's the details: he teases me all the time, (but he isn't mean about it it's just playful) he also helps me when I ask for it, he has asked me to hang out a couple times too. The only thing is sometimes we will be texting (which we do about every day and we talk in person too every day) he takes awhile to answer back. Don't worry I don't just rush to reply but I yea when I do reply, he answers back and we continue like normal. So... Do you think he likes me?

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  • It sounds like he's into you, he may just be busy, and you said it yourself "he answers back", so it's not like he's ignoraing you. I don't thin you have anything to worry about.


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