My bf doesn't want to exchange gifts this year is it wrong to still get him something as a surprise?

My bf made it sound like he didn't want to exchange gifts so I am not expecting anything, which is okay... I am just happy as is. We've been dating for only a couple months now. I however love giving gifts and want to get him this red onesie with his name on it and a small box of Hershey kisses for Christmas...

Is it wrong to surprise him even though he doesn't want to exchange.

I get joy out of gifting things because I care about him. This would be the first gift.

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  • If he has nothing for u, he will feel bad when u give him something. Give him a hint that ur getting him something very small and symbolic. If he tells u not to, u shouldn't get him the present. Ooooor... get the present just in case, but wait. If he gives u something, u can have something ready as well. If he gives u nothing, keep it hidden.


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  • What did he say to make it sound as though he doesn't want to give or receive a gift?

    • When I asked he actually said that it sounded terrible and then looked at me but I have no idea if he was being serious...

      Maybe I will just get him the chocolates

What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, you should totally give him a gift. Who can turn down some kisses :)?