I have a boyfriend but I like this other guy too?

I have a boyfriend and we have been dating for 6 months. I really do like him maybe even love him but our relationship is quite boring and we act more like really close friends the thing is I like this other guy too. He was new this year and we became friends and then I started to like him but a while later we quit hanging out, however, we have been hanging out and we act more like a couple then my boyfriend and I. I started to develop feelings for him and think about him constantly. I feel like a terrible person and don't want to break up with my boyfriend but I'm worried that if I don't take a chance on this new guy I might be missing out on something really good. My boyfriend is a really sweet guy and so is this new guy but the new guy tends to like a lot of other girls so I don't want to be just another girl. I don't know if I should stay with my boyfriend and forget about the new guy or break up with my boyfriend and go with the new guy... I might have left out a few details but I got the main picture so I would love any advice u have for me!


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  • Break up with your boyfriend. You're not attracted to him. It's unfair to lead him on. If you're willing to dump him now, you'll be willing to dump him later for the next guy who shows up.
    Better ditch him 6 months in than to ditch him 3 years in (if and) when he's fallen hard for you.

    Whatever you do with your new guy, just do right by your current boyfriend, be honest with him and leave him. Then I imagine you should go after the new guy and hope for the best. If it doesn't work out, being single is not a bad option. You'll be able to figure out what you really want.


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  • This is my personal opinion.

    If you are interested in other guy. Talk to your bf and break up. Then do whatever you want to.

  • Look at it it this way, you said yourself the new guy is a ladies man. One of three things happen.

    1. You stay with your bf who was there first and is nice to you.

    2. You dump your bf and the new guy takes you (he might be a player like you said) its less safe

    3. You break up with your bf and the new guy either doesn't date you or dates you, bangs you and then dumps you so your all alone.

    You choose

  • Very sad! Are you masochist?


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  • I went through a similar situation so I suggest that you suggest to your boyfriend that you still be friends (if he says no his lost) and ask the new guy out, if says no being single is not so bad it helps you figure things out that you never knew you had to figure out in the first place.

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