Does the idea of dating a guy with depression make you run?

If a dude had clinical depression and was on disability for it, would you instantly want to run?

Yea, when someone asks "what do you do", it kind of goes down from there lol
Stereotypes certainly don't help. Society's almost historical bias about mental health issues are not great.
Totally get what the "taking control" thing plays in.
Just some things get you thinking. Like beginning of year had cancer. Start thinking, "is life on pause?"


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  • yes, that would turn me off. sorry

  • As someone that struggles with depression and has dated two bipolar men the depression would not turn me off. The being on disability rather than taking control of your life would. and I mean this in no malicious way.
    I myself have been able to go from suicidal to not being on mess by taking control of my life and making life style choices to better cope. Natural cures are as effective as some medicines or give a boost to the meds. Therapy can help you cope as well.
    I want a person that is able to take care of themselves, me, and any future children if the relationship works out. Just food for thought.


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