How to get professor to initiate romantic relationship?

Hey guys, so I really like a professor at my school and I ave a feeling that he is attracted to me a little bit, so I want to to jump on the opportunity. he is respected for staying after to help students, and the best teacher in our department.

He gave me the* look one day almost like a accident when i wotr this cutesy outfit, and i wore it again recently and he avoids eye contact when i wear it, also i admire him because i have a simular background to his and want to be as successful despite it...

So he's 40 ish or around that age and im 19, but I dont really care and i like guys like him. I pay for school on my own with little family contact (no parents interfering or whatever) and have been on my own since i was 17 but i goto a private college in the city paying a quarter of the price for the 4 year education with loans.
I dont want to be known as the girl who screwed the prof. SO id be quiet about it so long as we are exclusive...

IN ALL What are ways to get him more interested in me as a romantic interest? People usually think use sex and stuff but is that the ONLY way. I mean i have to really stand out because student teacher relationships aren't permitted, but I;m not HIS student sooo...

How should I get him? ;)

should i just talk to him (dont want to be annoying student though...), or be cute and aloof and he innitiate (ideal but unlikely because of his job)

Guys i do want to wait until i graduate i just want to know how to get there? I don't know.


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  • He probably thought it was strange you wore what you wore. Maybe it "stood out", but that doesn't mean he became attracted to you. That's probably why he avoided looking at you, because he didn't want you to think he was.

    I think this is wishful thinking. Aren't there some 40 year oldish guys you can talk to outside of school?

    • it was a ribbon to be specific ;) i dont wanna go into details he did the slight heck out thing its hard to put into words...
      but i see your point.
      and nooo i like this one;3

  • No! Do not go there. It would be unethical and a career ending breach of the rules for him to become involved with you.
    If you really and truly want him, wait until after you graduate.
    At this point in time he would probably see you are another girl in a long line of pretty flirty girls who want to trade access to their vagina in return for a better grade.

    • Ok your definitely right, but he's not my professor, just a professor and i want to know how to go about getting to him i guess. I'd wait until i graduate, but then i won't see him? i want to get something rolling not do anything tooo out there.

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    • @Asker, well... if is he not involved in a subject that you have to do there should be no ethical problem. He would almost certainly be too scared to make a move, so you would have to make the first move. Tell him straight up that you fancy him and eould like to have a coffee and a chat, if he is interested.

    • but only when i graduate;/

      so i would have to talk to talk to him first nd pursue... but he's a gentleman which i find charming and he interacts with me like politely and i dont have to say anything like smile or nod or something... so it would be weird to just go up to him :( is there a way to let him know its ok to pursue me so we can get to a point of having coffee together?
      he is in my profession but he's one of the teachers who teach it ;p

  • How about grow up a bit and think how this could go wrong in a milion ways. Wait for ur frontal lobe to fully develop and then think about it again. Sorry to beak it to you. You aren't thinking clearly.

    • he's not my professor, he's a professor in the department...

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    • Married -.- ugh i hate everything.

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  • You are in a fantasy world. How do u know he is single? Men his age don't generally take girls your age seriously unless they are a creep and will happily use u for sex and dump u. However if he has any sense and cares about his job he will avoid u like the plague

    • i know he just moved here not to long ago and he doesn't wear a ring, also our field is a little intense and one of the nerdier subjects (you have to be a nerd to like it let alone excel in it) so its a huge ppossibility that he doesn't have a girlfriend and definitely not a wife, but i was walking by him one day and he mentioned to a student that he had/bought a house...
      I see what your saying but he seems to be a good man, and i dont think its a issue that im younger, im ambitious and i have done well with taking care of myself and getting into a top school by myself.

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    • Good for u, in that case don't flirt, act professional and don't dress like a slut

    • ... ok thanks xD

  • Don't walk into a path you later will regret stepping in