I have a boyfriend but I like my guy friend?

I have a boyfriend that i have dated for 1 and a half yeara and we also have a four month year old baby together. Me and my boyfriend have not been. the. same and we pretty much can't stand each other anymore. I met this guy who i becamw good friends with and is also one of my boyfriend's friends but more closer to me. He also has a Girlfriend who barely even notices he's there. I have strong feelings for my friend and i recently told them ans he. says he does too and now we don't know what to do. Its hard to control them. I dont want to hurt anybody. He says he feels conflicted and i pretty much said i was sorry and shouldn't of said anything and just to forget everything,. But its reallyhard to juat do that.. what should i do?


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  • You've already jeopardized your relationship by telling your boyfriends friend you fancy him, now ignoring this guy for a few minutes - how do you really feel about your boyfriend? Really stop and think about it because if the relationship is salvageable then its worth trying 100%, he's the father of your children after all. If not then you'd be better off alone than with him, not just for yourself but your daughter too. If you and your boyfriend can't make it work anyway then end it, its better for your daughter to grow up with happily separated parents then cold, unaffectionate parents. Whether or not this other guy then also leaved his girlfriend is up to him, nothing you can do about that. Don't be scared of being single though :)


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  • Oh man. It's hard not to hate you right off the bat. But this is an advice site so..

    My advice: focus on your boyfriend and child's needs. Forget the friend.


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  • Can I ask you respectfully how you would feel if your man was talking to one of your girl friends with the feelings you have for his friend?

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