Student Teacher Relationships?

So this happened at my old high school a couple of years ago.

I was just wondering your thoughts on this?

He is now married to the girl, and has a child with her.

(it really was a shame losing him, he was a great teacher, he relieved taught me at intermediate and is a very funny person and an outstanding actor)


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  • It's his private life and hers. Why should I comment on it? :-)

    They are now married too according to you so it's cool. Married or not, the more important thing is neither was lying to each other and hurt either of them :-)

    Even if the relationship didn't end in marriage it's most important that whatever they were into was with mutual intent and consent :-)

    • Thank you, young lady for your kind, thoughtful and generous gesture of selecting my opinion the MH :)

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  • When I was in high school a teacher married a student. They married after she graduated, but it was obvious they dated before that. The girl graduated in 1975 and they are still married, so almost 40 years now. They have children and grandchildren. I know because they live right down the road from me.

    I'm not saying I advocate teachers dating students, because I don't. But with a younger teacher and older student, I don't think it's as horrible as it's made out to be.

    • i think they both did the right thing by leaving school before it got ugly

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    • I meant at my school haha

    • Duh, sorry :D

  • He was a double for frodo. Only thing that caught my attention.


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  • Seeing as its insinuated/ confirmed he had an affair with a (former) minor.. and now married to her with a kid. I should hope he doesn't teach around kids anymore.

    Once a pedo always a pedo? I know I'm coming off as incredibly mean but seriously?

    Perhaps, maybe... there will be people far more sympathetic towards him and his situation (at least more than he deserves). However, being in a position of power whereby you have been hired as a proffesional to teach adolescent children who attend your educational institution and then take advantage of them.. Well, i would expect as an 'adult' he would of assessed his actions when they were just thoughts and figured it is morally/ethically wrong. Hence, the laws in our country that protect and govern society and dish punishments to those whom of which rehabilitation won't seem to help.

    Sorry if it sounded like a rant ! :) but as you could probably tell I don't have sympathy for pedo bears...

    • Technically he isn't a pedophile. Pedophilia is a disease where a person is SEXUALLY attracted to children. She was of sexual consent, so there was nothing illegal or pedophilic about it, Since they did get married there was obviously something more than sex to it. She is Indian and has strict parents and they approved of the marriage so he must have done something right.

      Sorry i don't like it when people stereotype diseases.

    • I'm sorry for offending you and going off on stereotypes. I'm just someone that doesn't agree with teacher-student relationships... even if they the 'student/s' are of legal consenting age.

    • I agree, it's not right. Hey would you look at my other question it's kinda similar its about a Principal dating a students mum:

  • this situation is pretty common.. so... meh

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