I'm in love with my best guy friend but he's dating someone else, help!

I've fallen in love with one of best male friends. He doesn't know this, however I'm always very flirty with him, we text all the time, and I speak to him more than anyone else in our friendship group. We have loads in common and I know he cares for me very much.
We speak about everything and lately he's been telling me his girl problems; his ex was texting him for a while, and now he's been texting this other girl who he is taking out for dinner tonight! We were in his car yesterday and he told me "I really like her, we have a lot in common and I can see us being together".
I really want to tell him how I feel because if I don't I'll never know, but I don't want to make things awkward between us and also, he seems happy as he is, will I just confuse things for him? Will he even like me like that? Surely if he did he wouldn't tell me about other girls he likes right?
I'm torn and my heart is breaking. What should I do?


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  • I was in you're exact shoes a few weeks ago.. Id say just tell him you kinda like him but don't tell him you love him all the way, just say it like you have a crush on him or whatever and see how he reacts. he might like you too worst scenario could be its a little awkward and then you guys can work through it and still be friends

    • That's really helpful Thank you. You think I should tell him before his date tonight or after?

    • im sorry wish I couldve told you sooner I didn't see this DX I would've said after but either way you had to tell him at some point if you wanted him to know

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  • As long as he doesn't have a girlfriend, its all good. Go for it.:) Be confident and no nervousness :)