Disappeared from public? URGENT!!!?

He is my friends brother. He is also a theatre actor who has received fame & recognition this year.
he's nice looking so he has a large amount of teen galz as his die hard fans.

Well, he had been shooting for a low budget movie in a the north east since September.
All was OK until 17th Nov.

He used to post updates and pictures and no. matter how busy he was, he used to come online on all social sites but since 17th he stopped coming.

On all he was absent. Initially we thought it was network problem. He switched off his phone and uses another number.

Also he's been in touch with his friends and through them he's been sending messsages to his fans about how he's shooting in an area where there's poor coverage amd how he would be back in. the last week of Dec.

I mean when he has network available, why is he ignoring or cut himself from his fans?
He could just send 1 tweet but he's not even doing that. Instead he's telling his friends to say it on his behalf.

I dont understand this. As long as he was on shoot, he would post actively, even when he was very busy.
Suddenly he stopped & has started ignoring his fans.

What could it be? Has his movie being shelved & he's avoiding public? Or he is pissed off at people? Or is extremely unhappy? one of his fans wee thinking he's gotten married so he's doing this?


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  • STOP STALKING THESE PEOPLE, you celebrity watching nutcase. They are not related to you. They don't know you. You just keep posting about them every single day because you're a crazy insane person.


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  • He's an adult. His family could file a missing person case if they are concerned.


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  • First off why is this inn dating... Secondly peope havve to much time on there hands

  • I think you are caring a bit too much here, a bit obsessive.. he's just a regular person too. You don't know what he may be going through. And in the end, its HIS. life