Should I text him or wait for him to contact me?

I don't really know Alex that well, and he came down for the weekend and we hung out once and that went okay. However, it seemed like the whole weekend he was here (that I was the one texting him and trying to ask to hang out). The last time we talked was on Sunday thru a text and he's back home now which is 4hrs from where I am and haven't heard from him since..Should I text him and say hey, or should I wait for him? I don't want him to think that I don't have a life, or that I really like him..HELP?


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  • well ill give this a shot since you answered mine. I say just do your thing since he's 4 hrs a way. He might just be used to you pursuing him. Give him a change of pace and be quiet for awhile and see what happens. I would think this would give you your answer on how into you he is. He might go hmmmm wonder why samantha hasn't hit me up and start being the one to initiate wanting to hang with you. I'm no expert, but just don't think about it and see what happens. Id say you have already let him know you are into him. So sit back and let him come after you. That's what we as guys are suppose to do right? haha If nothing happens then so be it.

    • Yes, I think that you guys are suppopse to do the chasing ;) haha, but your right..I've let him know that I have some interest and now I'm just going to not contact him and see what happens. Just live my life and if he's not interested then...Nexttt. haha

    • Well good, yeah don't sweat it. your attractive and seem pretty cool. I'm sure either either he or someone else will wise up and go for you

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