If a girl had that talk with you "what are we?"?

Is she looking for you to be more intimate with you. More of the lovey dovy stuff? We are exclusive now but I still haven't sent the pace yet. My first real relationship.


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  • She's looking to see if you two are being exclusive or not. In other words you don't date or fuck other people.

    • We are exclusive I told her I want her to be my girlfriend. Nothing has changed though.. do I set the pace for more intamacy? Feel like she's still just a fuck buddy.

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    • And we just end up having sex and watching tv

    • So plan a date.

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  • If I ask this question it means I am serious and wanna make decision between go on or move on. Good luck.

    • Would you expect your boyfriend to set a pace or just let it naturally flow. I feel like she's still just a fck buddy.

    • That's why she ask you. Because she don't know what is relationship between you two. She may feel like she is just fck buddy for you. If you like her just say it. If you wanna be just fck buddy just say it. If you say nothing clear what gonna happen next will be like this. She move on find herself another guy for relationship and you are her fck buddy. Or go on to be fck buddy or relationship. Or just end connection. I usually take the last choice because I don't like unknow status.

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  • It all depends on what the conclusion reached by the talk was! So you're exclusive now, you should just keep on enjoying each other's company, let things evolve on their own. Do stuff together. Meet each other's friends and family.

    • She's very passive. If I don't initiate nothing will happen.

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