How to seduce a girl?

There's this girl that I really like. We went as a group to the beach a few days ago and she was definitely looking at me. How do you seduce a beautiful girl?
We're both 18 if that matters.


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  • If your good looking glance and stare at her but when you do bite your lip and give a smile if your around your friend point towards her and just act like your talking good about her if y'all get really close or if you want to tell her something go behind her and maybe whisper in her ear girls get weak when a guy hoes to their neck anything else you want to know just message me


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  • Here's what you do. You give her a fish with a note attached that says "Life stinks without you." You stuff it with chick stuff like little soaps. But erotically-shaped little soaps. Otherwise she might think it's a let's-be-friends fish.