What to do when everyone else tells you your bf is 'just not good enough for you' ?

I'm hearing from my mother, father, younger brother, my guy friends that I should not be going out with current bf because

1 he's younger
2. he has no money
3 he has no house
4 he doesn't have money for repairing his car etc etc
5 he's nice but maybe too nice?

and it's every day, almost 24-7 of whining, complaining from these people. what do you do when people are all saying this crap constantly? I feel that I am tired and want to run away from everyone including the bf


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  • I'm a dad, so take my advice with a grain of salt here. In my younger days, I shunned such advice as well. But in hindsight, I generally feel that I should've listened more and at least given those thoughts some honest analysis.

    Everything you mention is workable, but there has to be a far more fundamental reason for them to suggest you leave him. I'm going to guess that it is a combination of: a) you're too good for him; and b) he isn't going to amount to much in the long run. (Take for example, he isn't likely to hold a steady, decent job).

    That's my take. But Love does conquer all.


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  • Tell them to back off. When they say, "He's not good enough for you", what they're really saying is, "He's not good enough for us". Your life doesn't belong to them. It belongs to you.

  • Tell them to leave you and you're bf alone


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  • Tell them that you aren't material; you're a supportive girlfriend who wants to see your boyfriend succeed in his own time, and that you would appreciate it if they stopped judging him so harshly. If he makes you happy, then the rest of those things don't matter.

  • 1. he's younger ---- Love knows no age bar
    2. he has no money ---- money comes and goes... someday he will have money..
    3 he has no house ---- you both can work and make a house together
    4 he doesn't have money for repairing his car etc etc ---- so? Someday he will have. Encourage him to become the best of his ability
    5 he's nice but maybe too nice? --- now this is something to be pondered about. If he doesn't treat you well... leave him!

    • Damn this is a fantastic outlook on things.

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    • @Yaeza I don't think I am wise enough, but when you start understanding life deeply, you would realize that all these things and people are just for a few moments. Better cherish those moments with them :)

    • Hmm, I see, I'll try to keep that in mind

  • tell them to fuck of and let you live your life. you know whats best for you.

  • Love is love and you can't help who you love. But my family did the same thing, about the way he treated me and I didn't see it until we did break up. But you are old enough to think for yourself but it all depends on how you feel about the boy etc

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