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Need help to get her back?

Hi guys,

I'm writing to you (especially to the ladies out there) in order to fix something I broke.

Before 2013 I used to be a really bad boy: drinking, hooking up with random chicks etc, I was really in the top of parties and anything involving alcohol and chicks, but then I decided to change as these things didn't not make me happy anymore, so i am now the nice guy.

I didn't get any girlfriend since then, but these past weeks we had a new colleague at work with whom it just clicked, I really like her personality: she's fun, sometimes she speaks non sense when she is nervous which I find cute and like about her. She's also so gorgeous, with an amazing body, however I don't really pay attention to that, I just want you guys to picture her: the kind of girls who have always men following her etc, but I like her for her minds rather her looks.

I wanted to get close to her, so i started to ask tips and recommendations from female colleagues at work who hang out with her so i can know her preferences etc. We went out one time on a date which was amazing, we spent like four hours just talking and had a good time.

The issue now is this: one of the female colleagues stabbed me in the back, I don't really know who but she's been telling her that I talk about her to other people, while I don't, I just ask girls for tips as I don't wanna fall into my bad habits :( I really like the girl and just wanted to approach her the right way.

Before going out on the date a week, I confessed to her that I really like her and she shared the same feelings.

I really regret asking other women at work for tips and help which literally fucked my chances of being with her. How can I fix it? Today we argued on the morning over Whatsapp that she shouldn't pay attention to gossip but she did and we didn't talk, however when we went out on lunch with some colleagues, I showed her my respects by paying for her lunch and being as polite as possible.

Ladies, pls help me out :(
Need help to get her back?
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