What would you classify as dating?

Curious to hear what would you call as dating someone and how they react towards you if you are dating them?


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  • Dating is seeing someone on a regular basis, but casually. It usually happens when two people are interested in each other and are trying to get to know each other better to see if they want to be in a relationship.

    • How about her asking you to treat her to getting her nails done.. that seems a bit over something say casual.

    • Yeah that's a bit more than casual, if you're paying to get her nails done..

    • Yeah I thought so

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  • I'm unclear what you are asking.

    Are you asking what is considered a date? If so, then it's when you explicitly mention it (at least for the first date) - learned this when I was younger. Otherwise you may unwittingly be going out as friends.

    Are you asking about being in a dating relationship with someone? Again, if you are talking exclusive relationship, you have to explicitly agree on that, too.

    Relationships are about communication.

    ... but I'm not sure what you are asking.

    • Yeah asking what is considered a date.. however so if you went out for the first date then you meet up on random times to go out then it's I guess official then? Also curious on the women's actions when dating and what she expects.

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    • When touching I'm talking about just touching on arm or leg.. I almost always get like why are you touching me questions.

    • However that's before I asked what's going on between us two

  • Dating someone is setting up appointments or 'dates' to go and enjoy an activity or meal together with romantic intentions.

    Usually the people I'm dating are happy to see me, physically affectionate, and want to talk to me.

    • We have had many meals together in which we lock eyes and she will grin or if I look puzzled she will be attentive as ask what's wrong

  • Well for me, dating is like just hanging out with a girl and no one else to bother you. Going to places, and eating food.