How would you take this comment? A friend that works for the artists dragged me along.

Would this mean the girl is implying that she is in fact more than friends with this guy or is she just being silly?

This girl went this guy I'm dating show and posted a picture on Facebook. A friend asked how she got to go and she said "A friend that works for the artists dragged me along ;-)"

I think the are just friends, but wanted to see others opinions.

Also, she was commenting to a guy that asked abut the how she got to go. Maybe she was flirting with him?


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  • If you're not actually in a relationship with him, don't worry about it :). He wouldn't have asked you on a date if he didn't like you

    • I know, but do you think he is dating her too?

    • Its probably best to ask his friends, they will probably know weather or not he is