So We Made it to the Fifth Date. Now What?

Last night was fourth, he asked me to meet him tomorrow so it will be date 5. I am so attracted to this guy, he is truly a wonderful guy and I am thrilled to have made it out of the danger zone of the first three or four dates. Not out of the danger zone completely, though, as things could easily just stall out and die.

We laugh all the time, we have had sex and he seems quite pleased with it and me, he cuddles me all night while we sleep, he is constantly touching me in public (arm around me, hand holding) and has to hold my hand even if we are just sitting on the couch. So yeah, unless he is hella good player, I think he likes me. Last night I dug a little deeper in by giving him a back massage for no reason, for like 15 minutes. I could tell he isn't used to girls doing random kind, feel good things. Yay, score one for me.

We are not exclusive yet, and I know he checks his dating profile (only because I check, mine too), and I expect (though I am not for sure on it) that he dates others as well (as I do). So how do I stick out in his mind, edge those other chicks out (assuming there are others)? It is way early for any "talk," so guys, I just want to know what girls do that keeps them in your minds and could be the difference between THAT girl you want to keep vs others.
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Well that was fun while it lasted. I guess we were not compatible in the long run after all. He hasn't contacted me since Saturday, usually we have the next date lined up before the first is over.

Easy come easy go. Shame, I liked this one. Really though, I saw a lot of things that I didn't like as much Saturday, so all is well in the end.
So We Made it to the Fifth Date. Now What?
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