How do I ask for a guys number?

Ok so there is this guy in one of my classes and we a have been talking and working together all semester. But we don't talk outside of class. I want to ask him for his number because I want to be more then just people work together in class. You know with a possibility of a relationship. But... how do I ask without seeming to bold?


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  • you should send him an email telling him that you would like to meet up sometime and put your number in it.

    A girl did that with me and sent the email like this

    Hi -------,

    This is ------- from your theatre class. I'm sure you don't get random girls emailing you all the time, but I think you're adorable lol next time I'm going out or something I definitely want to invite you. I'd love to get to know you better. Here's my number- ----------


    • Yeah we went out a couple times but she didn' tell me she was just breaking up with her bf, and ended up getting back with him.
      Hope it goes better for you good luck!

    • So I have no idea what his email would be.. so is there I different idea?

    • hmm, yeah maybe you should just invite him out next time you go out with your friends, and then ask him for his number

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  • I just met you, and this is crazy...

    (seriously, make it fun, that way it'll feel less awkward)

  • Bold is good. Go hard or go home. Alone.

  • Without seeming bold...

    "I am so timid around you. Give me your number so I can be timid when I away from you. So... timid..."


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  • Ask him if he'd like to get coffee sometime, he says yes, then say let me get your number and we will set something up. You text him and then open the line of communication.