Why do you guys say you want a girl that is interested in her but then friendzone her after?

i mean many guys say that they want a girl for example to play with video games and when they meet this girl they consider her as a best friend and not a GF material. why?>?


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  • Based on experience, such a girl becomes precious to a guy. Some guys just see the relationship between him and her as being so close that it would be weird. A guy could feel so close to a girl that he might be afraid of jeopardizing their friendship. And if she rejects him, well here's to hoping it doesn't get awkward (which it usually will 8 out 10 times)... to put it another way (it's a quote from collegehumor)
    "She's the only one who can beat you at Mario Kart. She's the only one who'll play you at Mario Kart. Relaxed. Comfortable. Always by your side... It's like dating your hoodie... but who in their right mind would f*ck their hoodie?"

    • i know that episode!!! it's from the '6 girls you'll date in college' or is it 'meet'?

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  • Is the girl who plays video games also attractive? If so, I can't answer your question.

    • she's normal. not ugly or pretty. normal. she has friends, she has social life...

    • Unless he finds her attractive, it ain't gonna happen.

  • I don't know. I would date I girl like that who I was friends with

    • aaaaaaw

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    • me niether.

    • *neither

  • Because being fickle is what the penis does.


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