Is it normal to feel this depressed when you can't see your SO?

We can't see each other right now haven't really been able to the past year. But we borh confessed feelings and really like each other. I only see her every 6 to 8 weeks. It's driving me crazy. I tell her I miss her when I see her but j don't want to seem weak. But this is driving me crazy. I constantly think about her I constantly have self doubt. I'm normally a confident person but this has me feeling weak. It's gojng to be normal soon to where we can see each other every day again but is this normal the way j feel? Feel lost and depressed.


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  • Enjoy being alone (not lonely). If you are depressed when you are with yourself, why would anyone want to be with you if you can't stand being with yourself?
    Love makes anyone vulnerable, even the most confident one. Don't worry.