How to flirt with a friend?

i am in freshman year in highschool so i am 15. i like this guy who i met 4 months ago and now we're normal friends. we didn't exchange numbers. it never really crossed our minds even though we exchange secrets. i call him my secrets buddy as a joke but normally we just talk about our favorite stuff. he has a crush on a girl but he never dared to tell her how he feels, so how can i get his attention and make him think of me as a potential girlfriend?


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  • Wink. Obsessively.

    • i already have OCD i don't think i wanna be obsessive with another thing.

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    • ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Why... do I even?

    • it seemed like after few days i gave up the idea and i don't have any type of crush on him. actually i didn't think of him in a looooooooong time.
      i don't even talk to him anymore we're in different classes

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