How safe is it to date girls with ex's?

I asked this because I had a relationship with this girl who was on a rebound. I didn't know she was on a rebound. At first she was sweet, loving and caring, but then she was suddenly flaky, cold and distant. After 3 months of dating, she went back to her ex. The feeling was like someone stabbing your chest with a harpoon. I got over it anyway.

So I'm seeing this girl who I found out who broke up with her ex of 5 years one year ago. How do I know if a girl is on a rebound or if she's not over her ex? Should I just date single women who haven't have relationships before?


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  • You don't want to date a girl who has never been in a relationship. It might sound cheesy and cliche but the experience of having been in those situations before makes a lot of difference when problems come up.

    I've been the rebound for a girl, and I've had girls be the rebound for me. One good thing to find out is if she had dated anyone in between her ex and you. That guy then is the rebound. It's really different with every situation, some girls need more time, some girls get over it quicker. Same with guys. One thing definitely to avoid is a girl who goes from relationship to relationship and can't handle being single. A year should be enough time


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  • You should date who you like. Unless you become one of those 'I ONLY WANT VIRGINS' psychopaths then the majority of girls you date will have exes. Not everyone bounces back, not everyone is damaged by their exes.

    Technically, someone applying your 'no previous' rule couldn't date you because your rebound girl up there.

  • It depends on the girl, not her status. Some girls are "loyal" to their current bf, some still hang onto their first love.

    • What are some sure signs that she still hang on to their first love?

    • im no expert, but i think you can't know before it's too late unfortunately.

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